The main focus of our organization is to empower women who have migrated to Italy.

We devoted our efforts to women living in situations of particular vulnerability, but we also carried out initiatives aimed at immigrant women in general, such as interventions of information and basic training for gender empowerment or health education measures.

With regard to the vulnerable groups, IDEADONNA primarily pursue the goals of assistance and social integration of victims of human trafficking. We havea long-established experience in facilitating entry into the labour market for these people, and we run a women’s shelter in Turin.

Activities aimed at asylum-seekers or refugees, unaccompanied foreign minors and ex-convicts have also been developed as initiatives by our organization, or as project partner.

In all these cases, women have been the main – although not exclusive – group of beneficiaries.

Intervention for health protection has mainly been carried out with health education initiatives which have produced two audio-visuals, and provided a cultural mediation service to outreach mobile units which contact commercial sex workers.

Although we believe that cultural difference is worth acknowledging and preserve, our organization is committed to fight female genital mutilations.

We also contributed to the promotion of human rights, with various initiatives involving students and teachers or supporting the realization of works of visual art which indirectly help to raise awareness over issues such as the condition of Romani people, or the violence against women in sexwork.

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