IDEADONNA participates in pursuing the goals of assistance and social integration of victims of trafficking running a women’s shelter, in addition to operating job orientation and mentorship services to facilitate entry into the labour market.


The shelter for women is called Casa Aperta: an intervention providing residential care and individual or group activities for six foreign women under social protection, including single mothers.

Shelter activities began in May 16, 2008, thanks to the gratuitous bailment of a flat offered by the City of Turin, which also provided economic contribution to the running costs from 2008 to April 2013. Since May 2013, the activities are carried out meeting the terms and conditions of a competitive bid by the City of Turin: our association is part of a Syndicate Association headed by the Coop. Soc. Progetto Tenda Onlus, which is responsible of the management of the city’s shelters for women in social protection.

Casa Aperta activity has so far been supported also by a contribution from the Arcidiocesi of Turin (8×1000 funds) in years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2013 this contribution is made through the project Rete Amica, leaded by IDEADONNA with two partners: Gruppo Abele Onlus and the Office for the Pastoral Care of Migrants.

In September 2013 we received the visit of the Special Rapporteur delle Nazioni Unite, Ms. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo.

Here’s a short documentary produced by 21st Century, UNTV in relation with the country visit to Italy conducted by the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in person, especially women and children:

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