Our actions aimed at commercial sex workers are basically interventions for health protection, but we also recently developed a project on the issue of people who prostitute themselves for reasons of indigence and we supported a visual art project which condemn the murder of sex workers in the province of  Turin.


Since August 2008 our organization provides cultural mediation service to the Gruppo Abele’s mobile unit for commercial sex workers.

Our cultural mediators from Albania, Nigeria and Romania work alongside with the Gruppo Abele’s outreach workers, to help sex workers avoid contracting diseases and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and syphilis.

Among our health education initiatives, we produced one audiovisual addressed to commercial sex workers.

You must use condom always!

In 2005 we produced this audiovisual for health risk reduction (information and counseling aimed at the prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases) among street sex workers and their customers. The project was co-funded by the Piedmont Region (2005), the Province of Turin in the framework of the Call for actions and initiatives on immigration policies (2003), the Local Health Unit 3 of Turin (2004) and Anlaids Piemonte (2004), and was developed in partnership with the Local Health Unit 3 of Turin and the association PIAM Onlus of Asti.

watch You must use condom always!


Vie Solidali

Aimed at those women or men who are likely to be involved in prostitution due to the loss or lack of work, this one year lasting project was launched in September 2013. It includes research activities, workshops, internship and job placement for ten people. The project was funded by Compagnia di San Paolo.


The public discourse on violence directly related to the trafficking and exploitation of prostitution is supported by many voices, and the contours of this phenomenon are fairly well defined.

The experience of violence experienced by sex workers at the hands of other individuals, on the contrary, remains in a shadow, which we believe should be wiped out.


Under the guise of a series of photographs of landscapes in the suburbs and countryside lie the stories of 19 murders of women who were commercial sex workers in the streets, all events which happened in the province of Turin between 1993 and 2001. Ordinary places which show us how these facts occurred not far from where, perhaps every day, we lay our eyes.

IDEADONNA helped make possible this work of visual art by Cristiano Berti, financially supported by the Tanya Foundation (UK) and realized between 2001 and 2002. It was first exhibited in the Biennale of Young Art in Turin (2002) and then in several other venues including exhibitions Sexwork, Kunst Mithos Realität in Berlin (2006) and Artist-Citizen at the 49th October Salon in Belgrade (2008).


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